How to Stage your home to sell while you are still living in it.

Dated: October 26 2021

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How to stage your home to sell

(While you are still living in it)

Living room

As a listing agent, I can tell you it is always more difficult to sell homes while the owner is still living there. The first step is trying to get the home organized and ready for professional photos. I often bring in a staging company or interior decorator to help work with the owner to make the home look its best. Here are a few great ideas that you can do yourself.

  1. Declutter - Take a little time to go through each room and pack, donate, or throw away any items that you no longer need. Removing unnecessary furniture and opening lines of site in living areas will make the home feel larger and more appealing for buyers. Using a storage container company like pods can make this an easier process to help sell the home and make the move to your next home easier as well.

  2. Depersonalize - Every person has different tasks and preferences. You want your house to feel like a canvas that a new buyer can imagine putting their personal touches on.  

  3. Add art - It is time to swtich out a few of those family portraits for colorfol artwork that ties a rooms decorations together. 
  4. Clean - Once the home is decluttered, taking a little time to clean floors, baseboards and behind furniture can make a huge difference. Smell is one of our strongest memories. We want potential buyers to remember the home as looking and smelling its best. Cleaning windows and screens will help let in extra natural light as well.

  5. Yard work and curb appeal - Most buyers will decide if they are interested in a home before the open the front door. Taking the time to trim, edge, and prune your front yard is one of the cheapest ways to add value to your home. Painting your front door, or adding a few bright flowers can help your house make a great first impression.

  6. Highlight storage - Show off the storage space in the home with bold, but minimalist, decorations on bookshelves and built-ins. Keep your closets organized with bins, baskets, or shoe racks.
  7. Clean up signs of pets in the home - I personally love dogs, but some potential buyers will not. Clients with pet allergies, or a sensitive nose, can be turned off by the smell of a wet dog or kitty litter. Be sure clean especially well behind your pets and add air fresheners throughout the home.

  8. Get repairs done - I recommend having a pre-inspection before listing any home. Anything that comes up now, was going to show up in the buyer’s inspection anyways. Having extra time can help reduce the costs of repairs before going under contract. Now as a seller your can be more confident that you won’t have any big surprises during the inspection period.  

These are just a few ideas to help you list and sell your home for top dollar. Working with an experienced local Realtor can be the biggest piece of you puzzle. If you are considering selling, talk to your agent before listing and ask questions. If you are considering listing in Tampa Bay, then come ask me. I would love to help! 


- Thank you Suzanne with Decorating Den Interiors:

- Thank you Millennial Title for some great ideas!

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