Pinellas County Rental Zoning Map 2022 - The Latest List Of Cities Allowing Short Term Rentals

Dated: December 29 2021

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I have heard countless stories of investors purchasing homes in an area of Pinellas County that does not allow short-term rentals. This is a crucial mistake that can force you to lose thousands in monthly profit. For that reason, I have created the guide map below. This map highlights all areas with no restrictions as well as a list of the approved areas at the bottom.

The information below is not authoritative and only represents a snapshot of what the codes were at the time they were collected or brought to our attention.

Before purchasing any property, please verify HOA rules and call the respective contact for the city listed in the link below.

City Contacts



If you are considering purchasing a short term rental in Pinellas County feel free to reach out to for additional questions or reference the links below for more information-


*Link to how to evaluate a short term rental
How To Evaluate A Property Before Purchasing

*Link to why Tampa will be the strongest investment area in 2022

Why Pinellas County Will Remain The Top Real Estate Investing Market In 2022

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Troy Nowak, and his team at Mangrove Bay Realty, specialize in short-term and long-term investment properties, rental maximization, and management optimization. He and his team focus on ensuring ....

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