Top Five Beaches For Short Term Rentals Within An Hour Of Tampa

Dated: March 14 2022

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Investors continue to flock to the Tampa area to buy their dream vacation property that produces income while they are not using it. Unfortunately, the most well-known beaches in the area have leasing restrictions making it hard to run a profitable short-term rental. Clearwater, St. Pete Beach, and Siesta Key all have 30-day minimum rental ordinances that are strictly enforced. Therefore, to run a profitable rental, it is essential to buy in an area that will allow at most a 7-day rental. As an agent and short-term investor, I am constantly studying the profitability of short-term rentals to advise clients on the best places to buy based on their budget and investment goals. Below is a list of the top five beaches in the area and their advantages and disadvantages for potential buyers:

5. Apollo Beach


Apollo Beach is a 30-minute drive from Tampa and it is a smaller beachfront that is popular with sunbathers, and fishermen. Unfortunately, due to rip currents, there is no swimming allowed on Apollo Beach. This makes it essential to have a pool on your vacation home, and provide helpful tips to enjoy other activities such as the Apollo Beach Nature preserve and the Manatee viewing center.


Apollo Beach has a 7-day minimum rental requirement and it is the most affordable place on the list if you are looking to get waterfront property on a budget. The median home price of $450,000, and the high projected revenue of Apollo Beach make it attractive for investors as there is strong potential for a significant annual returns. 



4. Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach Florida

The term “beach” is a bit generous when you consider it is only a 15 foot patch of sand in Crystal Beach. Despite the less than breathtaking beach, Crystal Beach is one of two beaches that allows short-term rentals in Pinellas County with a one-day minimum stay, making it an incredible short term rental area. Carrying an average purchase price of $780,000, Crystal Beach is substantially more affordable than most of the other beaches below on the list, and it still brings in high demand with great nightly rates.

Vacationers are drawn to Crystal Beaches family-friendly area with scenic parks along with a short drive to Clearwater Beach. If you want to be close to Clearwater Beach and keep your budget under a million, you may want to consider Crystal Beach.



3. Holmes Beach

Holmes Beach Florida

Holmes Beach, while not directly in Tampa Bay, is the northern part of Anna Maria Island and it has an average purchase price of $1.1 million. Holmes Beach boasts an incredible beach-town vibe, with great restaurants, beachfront bars, and a trolly system to take your guests up and down the island.

Well-run vacation rentals produce strong profits, despite the fact that rentals under 7 days are not allowed. Holmes Beach is arguably the most popular beach, on the list but the high price point and rental restrictions can limit profitability. 



2. Bradenton Beach

Bradenton Beach Florida

Bradenton Beach is the most affordable legitimate beach on the list with an average purchase price of $700,000. The city allows daily rentals, and it is located just south of Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island. Bradenton Beach is busier than Holmes Beach, but it is a fantastic place to look for great returns with a lower price point and high demand that may increase as Holmes Beach enforces 7-day minimums.


Bradenton beach is primed for heavy growth, as the average home is much older, and more institutional capital continues to improve the area.


1. Indian Rocks Beach

Indian Rocks Beach Florida

Indian Rocks is located between St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach, and is considered a “local hotspot” in the Tampa Bay area. The median home value is currently $781,000, but it has experienced over 33% annual growth rate as people are drawn to the only true Pinellas County Beach that allows daily rentals.


Indian Rocks offers some of the highest profits, but it is extremely competitive and it can be hard to find a home under $1 million that is rental-ready. The most successful clients of ours that have purchased here have focused on high-value add with REFIs, to ensure the property has a high ROI.


Feel free to reach out at 727-404-5530 or if you have any additional questions, or are interested in purchasing a home in one of these great beach areas! 

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