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How to Stage your home to sell while you are still living in it.

How to stage your home to sell(While you are still living in it)As a listing agent, I can tell you it is always more difficult to sell homes while the owner is still living there. The first step is

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Pinellas County Short Term Rental Zoning- The Hidden Factor Pushing Record Appreciation

The demand for short-term rentals in Pinellas County has recently skyrocketed as data is showing it to be one of the most profitable places to buy In the country. Most investors are looking to

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Appraisal vs, Zestimate Vs Market Value? How much is my home worth?

How much is my home worth?Is it the appraised value, the "Zestimate," or the "Just Market Value" from the county?This is a great question that I recently covered in interview below:Key Terms

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What can go wrong buying auction properties?

Why is buying properties at auction only for experienced investors?I saw this story pop up in my news feed and it breaks my heart. I work with a lot of investors, and most know that I actively buy

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